10 Tips to Looking Great Without Makeup

Ever seen a bare face beauty walk down the street without the slightest hint of makeup, yet bursting with so much confidence, you can’t help but stare? Well, the truth is, looking great without makeup really isn’t all that hard! Just follow these few simple rules, and you’re good to go!

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

We can never stress enough about how important drinking enough water and staying hydrated is! Nobody ever looked good with dry, flaky skin! Plus, keeping hydrated makes you healthier overall, giving you the confidence booster you need.9I2A9287

2. Basic Skincare Routine – Cleanse, Exfoliate, Tone, and Moisturise

Your skin is undeniably your best asset. In fact, most amazing makeup applications strive to mimic the glow of healthy natural skin! So, remember to cleanse, tone, and moisturise daily. Plus, a good exfoliation once a week never hurts anyone either!

3. Groom That Fuzz!

If you want to go makeup free, make sure you take your grooming seriously. Shape and maintain your eyebrows so they don’t look like a miniature nest on your face. After all, your eyebrows help to frame your face and enhance your features.

4. Sufficient Sleep

Another underrated habit is getting enough sleep! How will you look good if you wake up with puffy, red eyes and a bloat so bad, you look like you went up a dress size? Sufficient sleep is essential not only for health, but your physical and mental outlook as well!


5. Exercise

We also love that natural glow a quick workout gives! Wake up a little bit earlier each day, and go for a quick jog or spend some time doing stretches to help reduce stress and get your endorphins running. It’s good to know that it also helps keep bloating at bay.

6. Smile!

Your next best asset is your smile. People who smile a lot naturally appear more youthful, happier and more confident. Plus, smiling reduces your chances of getting more wrinkles from that unnecessary frown!


7. Tame That Hair!

A no brainer, having a good hair day enhances your overall look, with or without makeup. So, put in a little bit more effort into getting rid of all that frizz and styling your hair!


8. The Right Clothes

If you’re not going to pay any importance to your clothes, others will. Even with a great smile and glowing skin, a bad outfit will make you look dull, frumpy and dishevelled.

9. Accessorise

If you’re going for a more basic makeup-free look, put on some simple accessories just to spruce up your look and enhance your overall features! Some accessories can help your face’s natural features pop or look more dull, so pick wisely.


10. Love Yourself

Last but not least, give yourself some self-loving, because being confident and self-assured will give you an aura so charismatic, no amount of makeup can ever give. So, have confidence in yourself and believe that you’re beautiful with, or without makeup!