5 Moisturisers for your Dehydrated Skin


With the current rainy season, the common misconception is that you can slack on moisturisers & sunscreen since the rain clouds are at work. In fact, you might find that your skin is still peeling because as we age, our skin’s natural ability to retain moisture decreases and a good serum or moisturiser is essential all year round to keep our skin plump, glowing and fresh.

So, here are 5 picks for different skin needs.

  1. Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Ultimate Serum
    Recommended for all skin types with a whitening effect.

An affordable moisturising serum that gives you pinkish radiance of freshly bloomed Sakura flowers. Infused with Sakura extract to provide you 24 hours of instant hydration this gel serum absorbs into your skin easily granting you softer and smoother with an even and lighter tone when used daily. Follow up with another moisturiser for maximum effect.

2.     L’Oreal Paris HydraFresh Hydration + Antiox Active Mask-In Water Gel
        Recommended for combination to very dry skin.

The L’Oreal Hydrafresh Mask-In Water Gel in an easy to apply, instant absorption gel consistency will give your skin a surge of hydration just like a moisturising mask. It is a light moisturiser that’s packed full of hydrating & antioxidant properties like French grape polyphenols (a powerful antioxidant), hyaluronic acid, and microencapsulated HA+ lipidure to moisturise & protect your skin from free radicals and external aggression at the same time!Moisturizers1

3.     O’slee Young Medi De-Age Antioxidant Cream
        Recommended for normal to dry skin with firming and whitening effects.

A rich cream, the O’slee Young Medi De-Age Antioxidant Cream that is best suited for mature skin types that have lost their elasticity and firmness. With 24-hour antioxidant properties, this nourishing cream protects your skin from free radicals, eliminates fine lines and wrinkles, while increasing skin elasticity for a firmer and more refined face shape.

It is also formulated with Chromocare™, Regestril™, Oligomeric Proanthocyanidin, and hyaluronic acid to help restore youth to aging skin. The use of Chromocare™ also reduces melanin (the thing that causes dark spots!), thus improving overall skin tone and providing a long-lasting whitening effect.

4.     Eucerin Ultra Sensitive Moisturising Cream 50ml
        Recommended for dry and sensitive skin

Moisturizers1Skin troubled by dryness, dehydration and sensitivity can prove to be frustrating. However, you can try the Eucerin Ultra Sensitive Moisturising Cream that is a rich fragrant and colourant-free moisturiser that minimises the risk of skin irritation and allergies. Eucerin’s moisturiser targets the activation of sensory fibres in the skin’s epidermis to further minimise the unpleasant effects of sensitive skin. Over time, skin’s sensitivity is reduced while providing a stronger skin barrier to external aggressions.

It is clinically approved to help ease the discomforts often associated with dry and tight skin, so if you dry & sensitive skin you can definitely consider this!

  1. Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water Cooling Sunscreen SPF50+
         Recommended for normal to dry skin


While not a moisturiser per say, the Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water Cooling Sunscreen is formulated with hyaluronic acid and trace minerals to help replenish and further lock in moisture. So if you’re looking to protect your skin from UVA and UVB rays while keeping it cool and hydrated, this is your go-to choice!

The Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water Cooling Sunscreen is also an ideal makeup base for a more refined and natural makeup look. With a fine and light texture, the sunscreen absorbs easily with no greasy or sticky after effects.

There you have it, 5 moisturisers that are bound to give your skin a boost of hydration that are all available at Guardian. Check them out in stores today!