5 Reasons Why Hypersharp Power Black is the
Go-To for Defined Eyes


The liquid eyeliner pen is one of a makeup lover’s must-haves. With a single swipe, it can change up your look from classic to edgy to bold. It’s time to let go of your old favorite Eye Studio Hypersharp 0.05mm Liner and make way for your new go-to, Hypersharp Power Black! Here are 5 reasons why:

Blacker than Black

When black is not enough, go darker with the Hypersharp Power Black. You’ll get the intensity you need in one stroke, no overwriting necessary! The liner’s latest technology is a special combination of light-absorbing film and micro-carbon pigments. It produces the darkest black lines for super definition.

Ultra Sharp Precision

Precision meets intensity with Hypersharp Power Black. Emphasize your eyes by tracing your upper lash line precisely with the 0.05mm. tip before adding a slight wing towards the outer edge. Finish the look with a pretty red lipstick.

Go Edgy

Get a graphic liner look with the Hypersharp Power Black. Line your upper and lower lash lines as closely as possible. Draw a thicker line on the outer third of your upper lash line for a geometric design.

Or you can opt to extend both upper and lower lines outward. Follow up with a thin v-shaped line from the outer corner of your eye. This will produce a double-v that is reminiscent of an edgy wing.

Power Up

Go for that smokey look and darken your stare with the Hypersharp Power Black. The precision tip lets you line your upper and lower lash lines with ease while the blacker than black shade amps up the boldness of your makeup. Choose a long-lasting, nude lipstick to keep the attention focused on your eyes.

New Year, New You

Face the new year with a glammed-up makeup game. Get full-on impact with the red cap and blacker than black strokes of the Maybelline Hypersharp Power Black. Go for bolder, defined eyes and celebrate super dark lines with the intensity you’ve always wanted. 2016 is your moment to shine!

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