The Magic of Hyaluronic Acid 

 Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is the new beauty buzzword, but do you know what it is? Well, don’t let the word acid scare you! Hyaluronic acid is actually a naturally occurring substance commonly found in the human body, particularly in the spaces between skin cells, the eyes, and joints.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is able to attract water to the skin’s surface thanks to its hydrophilic properties, allowing skin to naturally stay hydrated and remain supple for that plump, youthful look. Unfortunately for us, the amount of HA in our skin slowly diminishes with age.

As a result, synthetic hyaluronic acid is now common in dermal fillers, a non-surgical cosmetic procedure to treat and reverse the signs of aging by restoring volume and elasticity to your skin. Considering its miraculous abilities, the HA fillers and skin care products can be very expensive and unaffordable for the average household.

That is, until the introduction of a Japanese skincare brand, Hada Labo!

Hada Labo

Incredibly famous in Japan as the revolutionary brand that sells a single bottle every 4 seconds, Hada Labo brings the magic of hyaluronic acid to the average household through their philosophy of “Perfect x Simple,”. Their skincare range is free of fragrances, colourant, alcohol and mineral oils while being able to boost skin’s moisture-locking ability for long-lasting moisture retention.


Hada Labo Face Wash

With a variety of different options catered to your individual needs, the Hada Labo face wash series combines the use of natural volcanic ash mineral clay and hyaluronic acid to provide you with the perfect first step in your beauty regime. Two of our best sellers, the Hada Labo Softening & Whitening Facial Wash will give you a clearer, brighter complexion that lightens with time, while the Hada Labo Deep Clean & Pore Refining Face Wash gives you the appearance of softer, smoother skin with its deep cleansing abilities.HL2

They are also incredibly easy to use! Just apply a pea-sized amount onto your palm and work into a rich lather. Make sure you lather it completely, as this will help pick up impurities better.

Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion

While their face washes are great as it is, the Hada Labo’s Hydrating Lotion is definitely their star product as it leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and bouncy. It contains 3 different types of hyaluronic acids to target every skin layer, namely hyaluronic acid, super hyaluronic acid, and nano-hyaluronic acid.HL1Used as a second step in place of a toner, the hydrating lotion combines the effects of a toner and a light moisturiser, introducing the concept of double moisturisation, common in the Japanese beauty community. A few drops will give your skin an immediate moisturising effect. If you find this lotion too rich, give the Hada Labo Hydrating Lotion Light a try instead! All the same benefits in a lighter lotion more suited for oily to combination skin.

Curious about the goodness of hyaluronic acid and the Hada Labo series? Well, now you can get your hands on this exclusive Hada Labo Intense Hydration Value Pack or Hada Labo Light Hydration Value Pack from your nearest Guardian store today! Each pack contains a facewash and a lotion suited for either dry or oily skin. While stocks last only!HL3