Always Smile with Pony Brown

Familiar with these little adorable characters?


With a tagline that says “Always Smile,” the Pony Brown characters known as “My Little Friend” are bound to bring some cheer all around!

Pony Brown’s latest collaboration will definitely add some positivity, a little attitude while keeping your skin pampered and happy! These face mask sheets are not only accompanied by ridiculously cute Pony Brown characters, they’re made to fit onto the contour of your face effortlessly. Dermatologically tested and proven, you’ll find it hard to decide if you love these masks or their packaging more!


  1. Ponybrown Flower Water Moisturising Mask

For a boost of hydrating power, the Ponybrown Flower Water Moisturising Mask is sure to do the trick! Enriched with Flower Water Essences derived from Lotus, Rosa Damascena, Jasmine, and Bitter Orange Flower, you’ll have supple and hydrated skin in no time! Plus, who wouldn’t fall in love with that romantic floral scent.

  1. Ponybrown Fruit Water Brightening Mask

The Ponybrown Fruit Water Brightening Mask contains Grape, Kiwi, Pomegranate, and Raspberry essence to effectively brighten dull looking skin. This fruity mask is packed full of vitamins that will make your skin glow like never before. Perfect for a quick fix before an all girl’s night out.

  1. Ponybrown Leaf Water Purifying Mask

For clogged pores, try the Ponybrown Leaf Water Purifying Mask. Made with Leaf Water Essences of Ginkgo, Thyme, and Aloe Vera, your skin is purified from deep within without the risk of drying out, giving you a clearer skin. You’ll feel refreshed and ready for anything!


  1. Ponybrown Seed Water Antioxidant Mask

With a slightly more Asian twist, the Ponybrown Seed Water Antioxidant Mask is rich with Soya Seed, Burdock Seed, Rice Seed, and Job’s Tears Seed essence to help promote superior moisturising benefits and give your skin a refined look and finish. With consistent use, your skin will eventually look younger and healthier.

  1. Ponybrown Root Water Repairing Mask

Say goodbye to rough skin with Ponybrown’s Root Water Repairing Mask. Enriched with Paeonia Lactiflora, Peony Root, Cnidium Officinale Root, and Bletilla Striata Root, damaged skin is repaired and moisturised, ensuring softer, smoother, and healthier skin.

Each mask is made with a specific skin concern in mind, but if you simply can’t resist their cuteness, get them all! They will make your skin beautiful and healthy just the same. J Head on to your nearest Guardian and pick your favourite today! After all, your skin deserves a little pampering.