Berrisom Korea Facial Mask Sheets

Facial sheet masks are still a crowd favourite. And these adorable and fun masks from Berrisom Korea are sure to blow you away!HorrorFI

Oops Soda Bubble Mask Series

Have you ever seen a sheet mask that foams and bubbles up upon application and contact with air? Well, try the Berrisom Oops Soda Bubble Masks and be amazed! These masks contain carbonated sparkling water and refreshing fruit extracts that help deeply clean and nourish your skin!

Just apply, wait 10-15 minutes, then remove and massage all remaining foam over the rest of your face before rinsing off! Be warned though, these masks are insanely fun, so try not to laugh too much alas you’ll have foam all over your mouth. 

For: Brightening and lifting effect with lemon and lime extracts.

Want brighter, more translucent looking skin? The Brighten Fruit Bubble Mask will do just that! Lemon and lime have been known to help lighten and even out skin tones while the added ingredients of Centella Asiatica and Acerola extract helps promote skin regeneration for fresh-looking skin!OopsMask1

For: Pore care and lifting effect with grape and apple extracts

The PoreTox Bubble Mask contains anti-bacterial green tea that goes deep into your pores, helping remove impurities and detoxes your skin. The addition of grape and green apple extracts work together to minimize and tighten pores, leaving your skin smooth, fresh, and clean!


For: Deep moisturising with grapefruit and apricot extracts.

Infused with delicious grapefruit and apricot extracts, the Aqua Fruit Bubble Mask penetrates into your skin, providing a refreshing boost of moisture that not only helps skin stay hydrated, but protected from the harsh environment! You’ll have supple and radiant skin in no time!

Character Mask Sheets

If you’re looking for a richer, less messy facial mask, you might want to try Berrisom’s made in Korea character masks. A fun and highly amusing way to pamper your skin, each character mask uses 100% pure cotton sheets that contain an entire bottle of 25ml essence!


Berrisom Horror Mask

Horror Mask Series

  • Pierrot Green Tea

For: Moisturising and anti-wrinkle with green tea extracts and bamboo water

While these Pierrot Horror Masks may give anyone who’s not a fan of clowns a great scare, they’ll definitely give you skin that looks perfect from any angle. Skin’s elasticity is restored, reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines!

  • Skull Black Rice

For: Bright and clear skin with black rice extract and collagen

Indulge your skin with the Skull Horror Mask that will turn dull, dry looking skin into clear, healthy skin! This mask will remove the appearance of rough and dry skin making your complexion appear youthful, brighter and more evenly toned.
Horror1Peking Opera Mask – Farewell my Concubine Couple Series

  • Dynast King Mask

For: Bright and clear skin with arbutin and pearl extracts

The Dynast King mask will give your dull skin the revitalisation it needs with a whitening effect for added measure. It’ll also help remove the appearance of blemishes, giving you the bright and clear skin you need for the confidence of a charismatic King.


  • Lady Queen Mask – for elastic and clear contour skin

For: Anti-aging and refined skin with red wine and adenosine

Restore the elasticity of your skin, and get the sharp contours you’ve always wished for with the Lady Queen Mask. This mask also helps prevent wrinkles by providing you a moisture boost for more radiant looking skin.

No matter your skin type, there’s definitely a fun mask for you to try! Plus, they make great gifts as well! Shop them exclusively at Guardian outlets and Guardian e-Store today!