Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water

In Malaysia, it’s sunny all year round. Even during the rainy season, the heat never really seems to die down, making facial mists a great life saver! With the Malaysian weather in mind, Bio-Essence has created what they call Miracle Bio Water. BioEssenceBioWater1Specially formulated using spring water and Bio-Energy Fluid, Miracle Bio Water has the lowest salt content of all facial water currently in the market, giving it the potential for the greatest hydration retention. It is also hypoallergenic, making it perfect for all skin types!

 Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water

Available in a 300ml or a mini portable bottle of 100ml, Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water ensures 2x cooling, soothing, softening, moisturising, whitening, and anti-irritation effects. It’s an ideal spring water mist that is suitable for use even on babies! Get the mini bottle and bring it everywhere you go! It’s a perfect size even for plane rides!

Miracle Bio Water also boasts a huge list of benefits. Here’s what a daily spritz can do for you!Bio Essence Miracle Bio Water

Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water Cooling Sunscreen SPF 50+

The perfect lightweight and non-greasy sunscreen, Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water Cooling Sunscreen feels almost like water on your skin! Made with a water-based formula, it is specially formulated with Bio-Essence famed Miracle Bio Water to give you maximum sun protection, while being rich in trace minerals!BioEssenceSunscreenBio-Essence Miracle Bio Water Cooling Sunscreen not only protects your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays, it instantly gives you a cooling sensation while providing moisturisation with hyaluronic acid for a deeper hydration. The best part is, despite the number of benefits, this sunscreen appears with an almost invisible light finish, making it ideal as a make-up base for a more natural look.

Both Bio-Essence Miracle Bio Water products can be purchased online or at all Guardian outlets. Go ahead, give your skin some Miracle Bio Water. Your parched skin will thank you for it.