Cracked Heels Woes

Ever looked down at your feet and felt flustered by the sight staring back at you?Crack1Image source

As a woman, wearing the perfect pair of heels could make or break your confidence for the day. Although heading out for a pedicure could always be an option, but for the times when you are rushing to prepare for date night, what would you do with these unsightly heels?

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Cracked heels are a lot more common than most people think, and while they may initially just be an unsightly cosmetic issue, ignoring them can lead to painful fissures that become much more than just a mild hassle in life. You’d have to say goodbye to wearing closed heels and walking barefoot in the sand as the pain gets too much to handle. Eventually, walking itself may even become impossible to bear as the cracks continue to get deeper.

But why do cracked heels even happen?

Well, as we step down on our foot, the pads around our heels expand sideways due to our body weight. In order to accommodate this, the skin on our heels needs to stretch out. When our skin is thickened, dry and dehydrated, the skin is unable to stretch and sooner or later, starts to crack.Crack2Image source

So, what should we do?

Keep your feet well-groomed of course!

Besides keeping the skin moisturised, regular buffing or exfoliation of dry and hard skin can do wonders for your heels as it encourages the growth of healthy new skin while removing those rigid hardened skin. The Guardian Pedisoft Express Electronic Foot File does just that in only 3 minutes! It’s like having an effortless pedicure in the comforts of your own home!


Ergonomically designed with a slim-fit handle, the Guardian Pedisoft Express Electronic Foot File feels comfortable in your hand, while being incredibly easy to handle. With 2350 revolutions per minute, you’ll get fast and effective buffing that stays gentle on your feet. You won’t even have to worry about accidentally injuring yourself as pressing too hard will cause the unit to automatically stop.

The Guardian Pedisoft Express Electronic Foot File set also comes with 2 types of roller heads for all your different needs! Use the Coarse Mineral head for especially stubborn, hard and dry skin areas that have thickened over time. For more regular maintenance, switch to the Regular Mineral head that works magic on normal to just slightly dry skin areas.

With the Guardian Pedisoft Express Electronic Foot File, you’ll have beautifully smooth and soft feet in no time! Available online and in-stores, you’ll never have to worry about cracked heels ever again!

Source: ePodiatry