Touch in Sol Cushion Compacts

What do you get when you combine portability and base makeup with easy application and perfect coverage? The Cushion Compact! One of the more successful trends to hit the Korean beauty market, cushion compacts are also known as “melting foundations” and have become a favourite amongst beauty enthusiasts around the world.

So what exactly is a cushion compact? It’s basically just a specially made sponge soaked base makeup like foundations, BB and CC creams but in a small portable case. It’s also usually refillable and has a thinned out, watery consistency with great coverage and sun protection abilities. All you have to do is press a brush or powder puff onto the product soaked sponge and apply it all over your face. The spongy cushion is usually specially made that only an even and controlled amount of liquid product is released to give you a flawless finish.


Touch in Sol

One of the first few Korean companies to tap into this revolutionary product is Touch in Sol. The brand believes in embracing the spirit of innovation in order to create trendy and unique products that are practical and fun! Here is an in depth look at their pioneering cushion compacts that are available exclusively at Guardian.


Touch in Sol Moisture Veil Cushion Foundation

A feather light multi-purpose cushion foundation, Touch in Sol’s Moisture Veil Cushion Foundation gives you long-lasting coverage for up to 24 hours! This unique 3-in-1 formula provides SPA50+++ sun protection and is rich in antioxidants thanks to its “Very Berry Complex”. The infusion of “Moist 24” keeps your skin constantly hydrated, restoring its healthy glow and keeping your makeup looking fresh all day.

It’s the perfect foundation for hiding away imperfections while giving your skin the antioxidant and moisture boost it needs.


Touch in Sol CC Moisture Veil Cushion Compact

Similar to their cushion foundation, the Touch in Sol CC Moisture Veil Cushion Compact contains a clean and light CC cream in place of a foundation. With similar components such as the “Moist 24 infusion” and SPA 50+++ sun protection, this CC cream provides the same 24 hours moisturising coverage you’ll need for a full day of confidence!

The CC Moisture Veil also contains a patented natural herbal complex that gives you added moisture to help soften and even out skin texture. If that wasn’t enough, this CC cream will also brighten your skin for a more even skin tone too!

CushionCompact2But wait, what’s the difference between a foundation and a CC cream? Well, foundations usually have a thicker consistency, last longer and provides better coverage for acne, oily and uneven skin. CC Creams on the other hand are significantly lighter and helps in reducing the appearance of red, blotchy skin while diminishing dark spots over time. In fact, you can even use a CC cream under a light layer of foundation as a primer for additional hydration.

So get in on the latest Korean beauty hype and purchase your very own Touch in Sol Cushion Compacts at Guardian today!