Senka, Japan No.1 Cleanser is finally landed in Malaysia!


SENKA, a dedicated skincare brand that recognizes the importance of women’s needs is back and ready to hype up your cleansing routine with its new range of cleansers and makeup removers. With the all-hue blue packaging, the whole new SENKA cleansing range metaphors ultimate freshness, moisture and hydration. It is easy-to-use and gentle to the skin, leaving it to indulge with delight. There are altogether 8 products that SENKA carries for their cleansing and makeup removing range.

SENKA Perfect Whip, gives a rich intensive cleansing to skin, leaving it perfectly clean.


The SENKA Perfect Whip, which is Japan’s number 1 best seller is formulated with silk essence from high quality white cocoons and double hyaluronic acid that delivers superb moisturizing effects to the skin. Lather your skin in its rich, intense foam and we promise you’ll enjoy every second of it! 

SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip, speed up and save time on your cleansing routine.

Fulfill your hectic days with SENKA Speedy Perfect Whip: a cleansing foam designed to suit all skin type. This quick yet perfect wash comes in two variants: Moist Touch and Airy Touch. The Speedy Perfect Whip Moist Touch features fine-textured yet intense foam that is so rich and doesn’t go limp even when washing, leaving skin moist and smooth; while the Airy Touch features an easy rinse-off formulation that gives your skin a clean and refreshed feeling. Thus, the Speedy Perfect Whip caters from oily skin types, to normal, and/or dry skin types.

SENKA Perfect White Clay, reveals a brighter and translucent skin tone.

The SENKA Perfect White Clay is an all-new invention that is absolutely brilliant! It contains mineral clay produced in Europe that effectively absorbs dead cells and pore clogging impurities, keeping your skin looking brighter and smoother every time you wash.

SENKA Perfect Makeup Remover Range, high cleansing power but gentle and leaves no stress to skin.


Last but not least, there are 4 makeup removers by SENKA, all are designed to suit all skin type and it’s cater to all sorts of different needs in removing makeup.

SENKA Perfect Watery Oil and SENKA Perfect Liquid that features high cleansing power that slides off any makeup even with waterproof mascara!

Not into liquids or oil-based removers? Try SENKA Perfect Gel – a dewy, gel-based remover melts out makeup and sebum deep within the pores, while, the dewy texture helps envelope oil-based impurities, keeping the skin feeling non-greasy and silky smooth after wiping off or rinse off!

Looking for an easy option to remove you base makeup? SENKA Perfect Double Wash – a 2-in-1 makeup remover and facial cleanser, it is able to remove and cleanse all your makeup and impurities in just one wash!

SENKA Perfect Cleansing range is now available at all Guardian outlets and Guardian e-Store. So kickstart your cleansing routine with SENKA for a fun and foamy experience today!