Keranove Paris Hair Care Range

It’s finally here!Keranove1

Keranove Paris has finally hit our shelves! A French hair care range known for their high performance formulas that are paraben-free and scientifically proven with results that will leave you feeling amazing after every wash. Keranove is also particularly famed for their Demo-Kératyl™ complex, a unique mix of trace element concentrates, mineral salts and glycogen that work together to help stimulate and revitalise cell activity in hair and scalp.

Keranove Dry & Damaged Hair Series

First up, the Keranove Dry & Damaged Hair Series meant for Nutrition and Care. Formulated with active mango concentrates, this high-performance range of hair care products are recognised for their intense hydrating properties that work deep into your hairs’ cuticles while helping to smooth out rough fibres. You’ll have a complete range that repairs and protects your hair from roots to ends!Keranove4

To start off, begin with the Keranove Dry & Damaged Hair Shampoo. It’ll nourish your hair, helping it to regain its radiance, softness, and suppleness. Then, proceed with the light, yet rich Keranove Dry & Damaged Conditioner for that pleasant tangle-free touch.

For even more nutrition and deep repair, go with the Keranove Dry & Damaged Hair Mask once or twice a week. This intense hair mask deeply nourishes from within, helping dull hair rediscover its missing shine.

Keranove Colour Treated Series

The Keranove Colour Treated Series, Radiance and Protection knows how much effort is put into getting that ultimate shade and so aims to reduce colour fading while working to extend colour hold and vividness. Known for its anti-oxidant properties, this range of hair care products contain active pomegranate concentrate that helps protect hair against free radicals generated by UV rays – one of colour treated hair’s worst enemy.Keranove2Use the Keranove Colour Treated Hair Shampoo to start off the protection and colour hold effect before finishing it off and locking in moisture and care with the Keranove Colour Treated Conditioner. For better efficacy, add on the Keranove Colour Treated Hair Mask to further ensure colour radiance is retained for as long as possible, giving your hair the revitalised look it needs.

Keranove Oily Hair Shampoo

The Keranove Lightness and Purity, Oily Hair Shampoo will help you kiss greasy hair and scalp goodbye. Containing active meadowsweet concentrate, this shampoo cleanses hair and scalp by effectively eliminating unwanted impurities. Meadowsweet is used for its anti-seborrheic and anti-microbial properties, thus helping to soothe your scalp, eventually minimising the appearance of greasy hair and scalp with time. Your hair will look fresher, lighter, and cleaner in no time.Keranove3Keranove Thinning Hair Shampoo

If thinning hair is your concern, the Keranove Prevention and Density, Thinning Hair Shampoo will be your go-to choice. Made with active Trichodyn concentrate, this specially made shampoo not only protects hair follicles but also stimulates them for increased strength; the two perfect ingredients needed for the fight against thinning hair. With repeated daily use, you’ll see force and vitality return to your hair as hair is strengthened and densified from deep within its roots.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s French hair care technology at its best. Shop it exclusively at Guardian outlets and Guardian e-Store and embark on your journey to beautiful hair, the French way. :)