Keranove to The Rescue – Dry and Damaged Hair

The extreme heat and humidity of Malaysia messing with your hair? Well, all that air conditioning isn’t going to make it any better either. While switching on the air conditioning feels amazing in this warm tropical weather, it’s only going to make your hair even drier.Keranove2Image credit.

But don’t worry! We’re not telling you to stay away from air conditioning forever. Instead, if you want healthy, luscious locks that have your friends and family in envy, all you need is a proper and suitable hair care system! Follow these simple steps to salvage your dry and damaged hair and restore your crowning glory to its full potential.


Step 1: Dry and Damage Care Shampoo

Pick a shampoo that is specifically made for dry and damaged hair. Keranove Dry and Damaged Hair Shampoo is a great shampoo for moisturising your hair. Formulated in France, this shampoo contains active mango concentrate that works to smoothen hair fibres. Branded as a Nutrition and Care Shampoo, you’ll know your hair is taken care of.


Make sure you concentrate washing mostly on your roots and less on the ends. This will avoid hair from drying out unnecessarily while still keeping hair and scalp squeaky clean.

Step 2: Dry and Damage Care Conditioner

Never ever skimp on hair conditioner if you have dry, brittle hair. Skipping this step will cause more breakage and damage as your hair rubs against each other and gets tangled in an unwanted mess of confusion. The Keranove Dry and Damaged Hair Conditioner will give your hair light boost of daily moisture. It’ll revitalise and smoothen your tresses, making it pleasant to the touch.Keranove3

Avoid putting conditioner on your roots and focus more on your ends as the richness may cause greasy scalp. It is also necessary to leave the conditioner on for at least 3-5 minutes before washing off in order for your hair to soak up all the nutrients and moisture.

Step 3: Weekly Deep Moisture Hair Mask

While conditioners are a great way to add moisture and keep hair from further damage, a rich moisturising mask is needed at least once or twice a week to really help your hair repair itself. Hair masks work best when left on your hair for at least 10-15 minutes, though leaving it on longer can sometimes be even more beneficial depending on the condition of your hair.Keranove4

Give your hair deep nourishment with the Keranove Dry and Damage Hair Mask and rediscover your hair’s natural shine, softness and suppleness. You can even try wrapping your hair in cling wrap or placing it in a shower cap so that your scalp’s natural heat can help the hair mask penetrate deeper.

Step 4: Daily Leave-in Treatment

For the best result and an essential step in repairing very damaged hair, a daily leave in hair treatment is necessary. Use Keranove Hair Treatment daily. Apply a small but liberal amount, ensuring that your hair is fully coated without it being overly weighed down.Keranove6

Remember, healthy, shiny hair takes work. Take that extra time in caring for your hair, and you’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.