My Sweetheart, Ma Chérie

A fan of pink, romance, and all things girly? So are we!


That’s why we absolutely love Shiseido’s range of Ma Chérie shampoos! Originally from Japan, Ma Chérie is formulated with Champagne Honey Gelee meant to help protect, soften and moisturise hair. Just look at its list of ingredients, and you’ll see why so many people have fallen in love with it too.

    Champagne – Protects against environmental free radicals and oxidative stress

    Honey – Naturally retains moisture and adds shine to hair!

    Hydroxyethyl urea – Effective moisturizing ingredient

    Inositol – A type of Vitamin B that softens hair

Meaning “My Sweetheart” in French, the Ma Chérie hair care line has a signature floral fruity scent that lingers for hours while providing individuals with lustrous, soft, and silky hair. Their signature scent has notes of musk, sandalwood, lilac, ruby grapefruit, berries and peaches. If that isn’t enticing enough, the pretty pink bottles are enough to make us want to grab a pack or two.

Ma Chérie shampoos come in two different ranges, the moisture range and the air feel range. Confused about which is best suited for you? Well then, let us help you out with a quick introduction to their differences!


Ma Chérie Moisture Shampoo

Recommended for dry, frizzy and unruly hair.

The moisture range is meant for dry, damaged hair as it leaves hair feeling soft, tame and smooth. Specially created to help remove frizz whilst nourishing hair, it’s the ideal choice for those needing to tame their dry messy locks!

Ma Chérie Air Feel Shampoo

Recommended for thin, oily and limp hair.

Ma Chérie’s Air Feel range is exactly as its name implies. A volumising shampoo meant to provide your hair with an as “light as air” feeling. It’ll give your hair the nourishment it needs without being overly heavy, allowing limp hair to appear thicker and fuller, without stripping it of its natural moisture.


The Shiseido Ma Chérie shampoos are exclusively available online and at all Guardian outlets in either a 500ml pump bottle (RM47.60) or a 200ml squeeze bottle (RM28.50). Pamper yourself everytime you shower, because you deserve it.