Pamper your skin for happy skin.


Regularly pampering your skin with facial masks helps to keep it happy, healthy and radiant. While ready-to-use facial sheet masks are incredibly convenient to use; the lusciously creamy My Fav Recipe wash-off facial masks provide a luxurious experience, like you’ve just spent a day at a spa!MyfavMaskTo use, just evenly apply a generous layer on your clean face and leave it on for 10-15 mins. After that, massage your face in circular motions to help improve blood circulation and to ensure all that goodness goes deep into your skin. Then, rinse off and feel absolutely refreshed!

Honey Oat MaskMyFavMask2For an extra boost of hydration, try the Honey Oat Mask. Rich and chock full of nutrients, blended oat extract helps to gently exfoliate skin, while honey deeply nourishes it; giving you a much smoother complexion that will glow with confidence. You’ll happily say goodbye to rough and dry looking skin!

Snail Moist Mask

While this may not sound like the most glamorous of masks, you’ll be amazed at just how effective this 2-in-1 Snail Moist Mask actually is. Made with snail secretion extract, this moisture mask not only gives you intense hydration, it goes deep into your skin’s epidermis to repair and improve overall skin elasticity. This mean, your skin will not only feel bouncy, it’ll look and feel significantly younger! The best part is, this mask also doubles as a great sleeping pack.MyFavMask3Earl Grey Black Tea Mask

A deliciously scented wash-off mask, the Earl Grey Black Tea Mask is meticulously blended with real black tea leaves in order to ensure as much nutrients and vitamins are preserved as possible. Highly nutritious, this mask does wonders in rejuvenating dull and tired looking skin. Combined with the use of a gentle black sugar, this mask also works to exfoliate clogged pores and dead skin, revealing a brighter, fresher facial exterior after each application.

So, try them all and let us know which ones are your favourite!