The Beautifying Power of Gold

A symbol of timeless beauty and youth, the use of gold has been prevalent all around the world to express elegance and prestige, making it one of the most popular beauty trends.Gold4As gold not only exudes an air of luxury, it is also considered to be one of the softest and most malleable metals available, making it easy to be reformed into different structures suited for a variety of beauty products. Once absorbed by the skin, gold ions that are rich in trace minerals are released, promoting blood circulation and thus improving skin’s health. These trace minerals are also high in antioxidant properties and have also been noted to stimulate the production of collagen, helping skin stay youthful and protected from the harsh signs of aging.

It’s no wonder beauty brands are constantly incorporating it into their formulas. Gold is, and will always be beautiful.

Bio-Essence 24k Bio-Gold (Gold Water) 

Bio-Gold Water is one of the most popular gold beauty products to hit our shelves. With a moisturising light as water texture, Bio-Gold Water contains 98% of pure gold flakes and is quickly absorbed by the skin through the use of Bio-Energy Fluid. Used in place as a beauty essence or serum, regular use of Bio-Essence 24k Bio-Gold Water enhances the skin’s metabolism rate while stimulating quicker cell renewal to slow down the tell-tale signs of ageing.

Bio-Essence 24k Bio-Gold Water also promises to restore the skin’s natural glow through its all-in-one benefits. Its nourishing combination of Bio-Energy Fluid and 24k Gold refines pores, improves skin’s elasticity, defies wrinkles, regulates and rebalances sebum production, energises skin and gives it a luminous radiance for that constantly youthful looking glow.

Bio-essence Gold WaterThe best part is, Bio-Essence 24k Bio-Gold Water now comes in a portable 100ml bottle exclusively at Guardian! This means you can carry a bottle of this liquid magic onto a plane without having to repackage it!

Japan Gals Pure 5 Gold Essence Mask

Imported from Japan, this luxurious liquid gold extract mask is made with thick fluffy cotton sheets infused by 3 different types of moisturising hyaluronic acid to penetrate every corner of the skin’s epidermis for an anti-aging effect. It’s the perfect follow-up to your daily skin care needs. Made without additional colouring, mineral oils and paraben-free, the Pure 5 Gold Essence Mask is suitable for most skin types.

Gold Mask

So, if you’re looking to pamper your skin, you’ll want to give these two beauty products a try!