The Best Lipstick Colours for Your Skin Tone

Too many lipsticks, too hard to choose? Why not use your skin tone to help you decide! No matter your overall skin tone, you’re still likely to fall into the category of either cool or warm skin. Cool tones have a red, pinkish undertone while warm skins have a more yellow and orangey undertone. To check, see if gold or silver jewellery suits you better. Gold looks best on warm skin, while silver lights up cool!Article_TouchInSOL-Start

Fair Skin

Fair skin tones may be a little tricky as they can easily be overwhelmed by the wrong shades. While some fair skinned beauties thrive in bold reds, some prefer the more toned down look of sweet pinks and browns. But no matter your preference and undertone, neutral colours are a definite okay!

Cool: Mauve browns, petal pinks and a deeper shade of red are your best friends. In fact, a colour like Touch in Sol’s Mai Tai Coral is perfect for that girl next door look.

Warm: Brighter colours work well for you! Orange, reds and even a more luminous pink like Touch in Sol’s Sweet Pink Lady are the perfect complement to brightening up your complexion.Article_TouchInSOL-1

Medium Skin (Olive)

Medium skin tones are sometimes known as olive as they sit somewhere between fair and tan. Softer, more delicate shades work best, but reds and plums can also help create a little drama when you need them to!

Cool: Go for purple undertones. Plums like Touch in Sol’s Devils Sad Purple and even rose coloured red can do wonders for your overall look.

Warm: Copper bronze, nudes and corals help your skin shine! We recommend Touch in Sol’s Grapefruit Chichi for that perfect combination of sweet peach and coral! However, if you want more excitement, stick with more vivid reds.

Article_TouchInSOL-2Tan to Dark Skin

If you have tan to dark skin, lucky you! You can pretty much pull off any colour you please! From sweet nudes to bright, dramatic hues, you’ll look good in almost anything you choose!

Cool: Deep, rich tones work best! Colours like burgundy and a dark plum work well against your skin tone. In fact, even a rich red like Touch in Sol’s Kiss of Fire will do the trick!

Warm: Sweet nudes and pinks, or the more cheerful orange are your best bet! Try Touch in Sol’s Florida Orange for a fun pop of colour.Article_TouchInSOL-3

While your skin tone can help you determine the best lipstick colour for your look, there’s nothing really much like experimenting with all your favourite colours in person! You’ll just never know what shade you’ll fall in love with. So, why not head down to your nearest Guardian to get your Touch in Sol’s Lip Crayon and try them out for yourselves today!