The Choonee 3-Step Facial Regime

There’s really nothing quite like the glow of healthy looking skin. Care for your skin, and it’ll care for you too!ChooneeSkincare

Step 1: Cleanse!

The first step in every facial regime, the Choonee Facial Cleansers produce a soft yet thick and creamy foam that can be held effortlessly in your hand. Made with naturally derived ingredients, these cleansers will not only leave your skin sparklingly clean, they’ll also leave it feeling fresh and moisturised after each use. Just pick the best option according to your skin’s needs!

Choonee Soft Whip Brightening Cleanser

  • Recommended for: Dull Looking Skin
  • Active Ingredients: Lemon Extract, Arbutin, Vitamin C Derivate, Niacimide

The refreshingly lemon scented Choonee Soft Whip Brightening Cleanser is a one-step deep cleansing foam that works effectively to remove make up residues, old unwanted keratin and sebum that often clogs pores. With regular use, you’ll have clearer and brighter looking skin in no time!


Choonee Soft Whip Hydrating Cleanser

  • Recommended for: All Skin Types
  • Active Ingredients: Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid and Sorbitol

For an even more moisturising option, the Choonee Soft Whip Hydrating Cleanser contains hyaluronic acid and sorbitol that not only increases your skin’s moisture content, but also prevents further moisture loss. The thick foam goes deep into your epidermis, effectively removing waste and dirt while helping to maintain your skin’s natural barriers for softer and fresher looking skin. Plus, you’ll love that light and refreshing Aloe Vera scent.

Step 2: Tone with Choonee Water Peak Moist Skin Toner!

After a through cleansing, remember to gently close those pores and rebalance your skin’s pH levels with the Choonee Water Peak Moist Skin Toner. With triple hyaluronic acid, this toner provides long lasting moisturisation while giving your skin the added nutrition it needs to strengthen and recharge itself. Acting as a humectant, this toner attracts moisture into the skin, while preventing moisture loss through evaporation and creating a protective barrier from the harmful environment.
Step 3: Lock in moisture with Choonee Water Peak Moist Skin Lotion!

The final step in a basic facial care regime, seal in moisture and give your skin an added nutritional boost with the Choonee Water Peak Moist Skin Lotion. Utilising 17 different types of amino acid components on top of triple hyaluronic acid, this moisturising lotion helps ensure a balance between dry and oily skin. With an added dose of antioxidants, this moisture lotion will help improve your skin’s natural regenerative system while creating an even stronger barrier against the harmful environment and moisture evaporation.

As easy as 1-2-3, you’ll never find a simpler solution for happy, glowing skin!