A Mask A Day

While most facial sheet masks only recommend usage once or twice a week due to their overwhelming richness, Guardian’s Daily Solution Masks are made to care for your skin on a daily basis. It’s instant rejuvenation as and when needed!DailyMask_6Dermatologically tested and proven, the rinse free Guardian Daily Solution Masks can be used either at night or in the morning, each yielding a completely different result! Daily morning usage allows for better absorption, creating a base that helps your skin prep for seamless make-up application, while also enhancing make-up hold. You’ll have flawless skin and longer lasting make-up all day long!

For a more targeted effect, use nightly to help enhance the absorption of your usual skin care regimen. This helps your usual skin care work better overnight, while also ensuring your skin gets added moisture and suppleness. For best results, use a mask daily for 28 days, after which it can be used every other day for the same level of effectiveness.

Guardian Collagen Firm Daily Solution MaskDailyMask1Recommended for: Combination & Dry Skin
Use: Firming & Elasticity

Enriched with Hydrolised Collagen, coQ10, and numerous botanical extracts, the Collagen Firm mask helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and reduces the appearance of pores. It’s also great for increasing skin elasticity, thus further controlling the negative effects of expression lines while providing skin the nourishment it needs for smoother, firmer looking skin.

 Guardian Vitamin Bright Daily Solution MaskDailyMask2Recommended for: Combination & Dry Skin
Use: Brighten & Even Out Skin Tone

Vitamin C, Niacin amide, and botanical extracts all work together to help dull skin regain its radiant complexion. The Vitamin Bright mask rebalances uneven skin tones, giving skin a much healthier looking glow.

Guardian Aloe Vera Soothe Daily Solution MaskDailyMask4Recommended for: Sensitive Skin
Use: Soothe & Calm Skin

The perfect after sun skin care solution, Aloe Vera Soothe contains Aloe Vera, Opuntia, and Oat extracts that pamper skin and gently soothe it, ensuring all day comfort. The skin’s natural barrier is restored, reducing the appearance of dry lines and rough skin. This mask is also a great moisture boost that’s suitable even for the most sensitive of skins.

Guardian Snail Regenerate Daily Solution Mask

DailyMask5Recommended for: Dry, Coarse Skin
Use: Regenerate & Refine Skin Texture

The unique combination of Snail Mucus, Ginseng Extract, and botanical extracts work to restore tired-looking skin. Skin is rehydrated and regenerated, thus increasing elasticity and giving skin a youthful appearance.

Guardian Ceramide Hydrate Daily Solution MaskDailyMask3Recommended for: All Skin Types
Use: Hydrate & Moisturise

A great mask for daily maintenance, the Ceramide Hydrate mask is suited for both dry and oily skin. Made with Ceramide, Hydrolysed Rice Extracts, and botanical extracts, skin’s natural moisture levels are retained, ensuring skin stays constantly supple and hydrated. With constant use, the appearance of large pores are also minimized, giving skin a smoother look.

It’s like a mess-free instant daily facial in a pack! Try it today and be amazed!