Botaneco Argan Oil & Olive Oil Shampoo

Botaneco3If you’re looking for products that nourish your hair, invest in ones that contain healthy natural oils. While the common misconception is that oils stay on the surface of the hair and thus, weighing it down, many types of oils are actually refreshingly light. Depending on the condition of your hair, even oils that merely coats the surface will help tame frizz, increase shine, soften locks and reduce breakages!

But there’s just so many different kinds of oils, which do you choose from? The answer is actually any, as long as it’s natural! Oils like avocado, argan and olive oils are favourites in moisturising dry, brittle hair, while protein-rich coconut oil is great for strengthening thin, weak hair. In fact, a combination of different oils can produce vastly different results!

Botaneco Garden Organic Argan & Virgin Olive Oil Collection

Formulated with eco-certified botanical ingredients, this series of affordably priced and environmentally friendly products is a performance line made with the consumers’ best interest in mind. Particularly aimed at dry hair, the Botaneco Garden Organic Argan & Virgin Olive Oil collection uses 100% eco-certified organic argan oil sourced from Morocco and olive oil from Spain.


This collection also contains 4 other essential hair and scalp conditioners like aloe vera extract, shea butter, bamboo stem extract, and Vitamin E. The best part is, for those who are environmentally and ethically concerned, you’ll be glad to know that Botaneco does not test or condone animal testing!

But, why the combination of argan and olive oil in particular?

Argan oil has been known as the “liquid gold” of hair as its tiny molecules are able to penetrate deep into hair shafts and nourish from within. The high concentration of fatty acids like Omega-6, Omega-9, vitamin A, tocopherol and linoleic acid helps repair and moisturise hair, helping hair regain its lustrous shine while preventing frizz and breakages.

Olive oil on the other hand, helps hair stay healthy and soft, yet still full of volume. Olive oil is high in anti-oxidants like oleic acid, palmitic acid, squalene, Vitamin A, and Vitamin E; many of which are great emollients for softening hair. It’s also great for smoothing out hair and its anti-inflammatory properties work great in treating dandruff.

Botaneco Garden Hair Organic Argan & Virgin Olive Oil Shampoo

The Botaneco Garden Hair Organic Argan & Virgin Olive Oil Shampoo is a great way to start your daily hair care ritual. The first step in replenishing nutrients and enhancing hair shine, this shampoo will help restore the natural protective coating on your hair, leaving it soft and glossy with daily use.


Botaneco Garden Hair Organic Argan & Virgin Olive Oil Conditioner

For intense nourishment and added softness, the Botaneco Garden Hair Organic Argan & Virgin Olive Oil Conditioner will make combing your hair a breeze. This milky conditioner effectively detangles hair, leaving hair that is smooth and manageable.

One of the best affordable 2-step hair care system for the environmentally concerned, your hair and conscience will love you for it.

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