Different Eyebrow Shapes to Change Up Your Style

Looking or a change but just don’t know what to do? Why not try giving your eyebrows a quick little makeover. You’ll be amazed at how just a slight difference in makeup can change your look! In fact, you’ll be able to switch from sweet to bold in just an instance!

  1. The Straight Brow

Also known as the Korean Brow, the straight brow is meant to make you look younger and fresher. It highlights a softer look that is meant to look more delicate and sweet.

Article_eye_1Recommended filler: Use eyebrow powders to allow for a softer, more natural appearance as they blend easily with your skin and hair. It allows definition without the worry of overemphasizing, which if you’re not careful about, might make your straight brow end up looking like you stuck on some seaweed.

Canmake’s Eyebrow Powders come in a variety of duo light and dark shades that are perfect for creating a more natural 3-dimensional brow. It’s great for beginners or people with sparse hairs who require a much lighter filler for their brows.


  1. The Defined Arch

The complete opposite of the straight brow, the defined arch is more popular in Western beauty standards as it gives the impression of a strong woman. A well-defined arch will also make your features appear stronger due to the illusion of a longer, slimmer face. If you’re looking for a cooler, edgier and more glamorous look, this should be your go-to brow.

Article_eye2Recommended filler: Liquid brow fillers are usually waterproof, stay on longer and allow bolder looks to be created. Canmake’s Liquid Eyebrow comes in a variety of shades that are quick to dry, while being resistant to rubbing and your skin’s natural oils. Its fine tip will allow you to flick on little hair and fill in small spaces, mimicking the creation of real brow strands. It can also be layered on to darken and fill in eyebrows, the same way a normal eyebrow pencil can.

After trying them both, which look do you prefer?