Master the Bold Lips

The Bold lips look doesn’t necessarily mean a bright eye-catching colour, it can be a dark shade of burgundy or a more earthy mixed tone. It’s a classic look that can glam up your presence in an instant. From orange, pink, red, to purple, there’s bound to be a colour combination perfect for even the most conservative of individuals.

Just follow this how-to guide on achieving that perfect pair of bold lips!

1. Prep

Bold lips are a no-no if you have dry lips as they have a tendency to over exaggerate cracks and even fine lines. So, to get smooth and ready lips, make sure you exfoliate with a scrub and moisturise with a lip balm or primer.

2. Shade Selection

While we wish we could wear any colour we want, it’s important to remember how different shades pair with your skin tone. No point investing in a colour that’s going to make you look like Bozo the Clown on a night out in town.

A general rule to remember is blue based colours (classic reds) are best suited for fair skin tones while orange-based shades (browns) are better for warmer skin tones. If you’re not sure, always do a swab test on your skin before purchasing.

3. Line

The key to a successful pair of bold lips is in the pencil lip liner. A clean and clear lip definition is essential to avoid having your lip colour bleed. Pick a shade closest to your intended colour if possible, but a darker shade is also fine for a much more intense look.


Extra Tip: Start by lining the Cupid’s bow (middle of your top lip), and the middle of the bottom lip to create a more symmetrical shape.

4. Fill

Use a lip brush to fill in your lip colour. The brush helps blend the lip colour with the liner. Another option is to use lip stains and layer them until your desired colour is achieved.

5. Set!

This step is completely optional but it helps your colour stay on for much longer. Grab a tissue and separate the sheets until you have only 1 ply in your hand. Hold the tissue over your lips and dust on translucent powder with a brush. Remove the tissue, add one more layer of lip colour, and admire your new look in the mirror!


Sometimes, when we’re trying a new look, we may not be used to the new look and immediately want to change it. Instead, give yourself a little bit more time and observe yourself in a mirror, or in a couple of pictures before deciding if you really like or hate the look!