Say Goodbye to Tired Looking Eyes 

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Tired eyes can make anyone look much older than they really are. While not really a health hazard, it can sometimes be indicative of a long night out, stress, or some serious lack of sleep. After all, how many people have really ever complimented you on your dark, baggy, and tired looking eyes? Unless you’re looking for some rather unwanted looks of sympathy, you’d probably prefer looking fresh and doe eyed all day long!

Tired eyes are also incredibly hard to cover up, especially on a lazy day or when you’re already late for work. You’ve probably tried almost everything from concealers, light eyeliners, ice cube massages to fresh cucumber masks. While many of these may work, they usually require daily application, serious dedication and more often than not, just too much time.

Instead of using cover-ups and temporary fixes, the secret to getting rid of tired looking eyes is to actually tackle the problem. Here are the main reasons why you get tired looking eyes.

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One of the largest culprit of tired looking eyes that is due to an overconsumption of sodium, alcohol. It can also be due to hormones, allergies and a lack of sleep. As you rest, specific fluids are drawn out of your blood and goes into your body tissues in order to help repair and nourish them before being sent back to your blood stream. This natural cycle gets interrupted if you consume a little too much potato chips or junk food causing fluid to get stuck, creating puffy eyes.

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Undernourished skin around your eyes, over stretching due to puffiness or even the rubbing from your hands can cause the delicate skin surrounding your eyes to thin out and appear paler than it should be. This not only creates inelasticity and wrinkles, it also makes the blood vessels surrounding your eyes become more apparent, giving you the unwanted appearance of dark circles.

Due to these reasons, you’ll actually need to nourish and sooth your eye areas, on top of getting more rest! Ignoring these steps can cause your droopy, puffy eyes, and dark circles to become permanent problems.

A good eye mask like Guardian’s Chamomile Moisturising and Brightening Butterfly Eye Mask can do wonders for your eyes! This sheet mask is innovatively shaped like a butterfly to fit perfectly onto your eye contour areas and expression lines to help repair and nourish the skin around your eyes. Infused with chamomile extracts and a natural botanical blend, the skin around your eyes is better moisturised, improving overall complexion while firming and soothing tired looking eye.

Plus, it’s great even on busy days! Just slap it on and carry on with your daily chores and routine before removing it. You’ll have brighter, happier looking eyes in no time!

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