The Magic of Cucumber Extracts

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We eat them all the time, and we see them line the produce shelves of supermarkets without giving them much thought. Those green cylindrical fruits often mistaken as vegetables, cucumbers are an amazing natural source of vitamins that work magic not only on the inside but on the outside as well!

Part of the melon family, cucumbers are high in antioxidants like vitamin A, C and K, making them ideal for hydrating, soothing and softening the skin! They also contain that fight inflammations and the negative effects of aging. Even the peel of a cucumber is beneficial as it’s a great source of silica, a precursor to collagen that helps fight wrinkles and retains the firmness of skin!

5 Beauty Benefits of Cucumbers

  • Glowing and hydrated skin

Cucumbers are an excellent toner due to their cooling astringent properties. Their high water content helps you skin retain moisture while removing excess oils, helping your pores look smaller and your skin glow. They are also known to help fight and relieve blemishes and acne without drying out your skin.Ostia2

  • Soothe sunburns and rashes   

The high water and nutrient content in cucumbers are well known for soothing sensitive skin conditions like itchy rashes and painful sunburns. They’ve also been found to be effective in reducing scars and naturally lightening skin.

  • Anti-aging

Cucumbers contain a number of anti-oxidants like caffeic acid, manganese and potassium, helping to prevent and sometimes even reverse visible signs of aging. Say goodbye to dull skin, fine lines, and unwanted wrinkles and hello to fresh, youthful skin.

  • Soothes dark circles and puffy eyes 

One of the most well-known benefits of cucumbers, cucumbers have been widely used across the world to reduce the appearance of puffy eyes. The cooling effects of cucumbers and its high flavonoid and antioxidant properties help reduce water retention and shrink dilated blood vessels, therefore reducing the presence of swelling, irritation and redness.Ostia3

  • Healthy hair 

One of the lesser-known uses of cucumbers is their ability to produce strong and shiny hair. Components like potassium, calcium, and many others are abundant in cucumbers and play a vital role in healthy hair growth.

Ostia Cucumber Soothing Gel

With cucumber being such an amazing, yet understated fruit, it’s no wonder that the Korean brand Ostia has decided to incorporate it into their soothing gel. But wait, what is a soothing gel? Soothing gels are a recently popular beauty item that has multiple functions as a skincare product. They are best used chilled and are often used to calm irritated skin or as a general moisturiser.Ostia4The Ostia Cucumber Soothing Gel is made with 95% cucumber extract and combines the additional use and benefits of Aloe Vera and peach! It can be used weekly, or daily on your face and body for a number of benefits! It’s also suitable for even the most sensitive of skins!

  • A makeup base
  • Under eye mask
  • Moisture mask pack
  • Face moisturiser
  • Soothe sunburns
  • After shave care
  • A body moisturiser
  • Nail conditioner
  • Hair mask

So, head on to your nearest Guardian and give it a try today! You’ll love how versatile and effective it is!

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