Symptom of Diabetes

In conjunction with National Diabetes Month and World Diabetes Day on 14th November, we thought it would be informative and interesting to shed some light on diabetes. So here’s Part 1, of our diabetes awareness series.

What Is Diabetes?

diabetes_01We’ve all heard of it, and most of us already know it relates to having too much sugar in our blood. But how many of us really know what it is, why it happens and what puts us at risk? Did you know, people can often have type 2 diabetes for years without ever realising it? In fact, it’s a lot more common that most people know.

Diabetes is a lifelong condition that disrupts the natural production and use of insulin in our body, a type of hormone that converts sugar, starches and certain food products into the energy source we need in our daily lives. Due to this disruption of insulin efficiency, the sugar continues to remain in a patient’s blood stream where it over accumulates and disrupts the body in various ways.


If you or a friend suspects you might have diabetes, do get yourselves checked as soon as possible! Guardian Malaysia offers blood glucose checks done by trained pharmacists for only RM5. All you have to do is walk into one of our pharmacy outlets. Locate one here.

Malaysian Diabetes Support

The Persatuan Diabetes Malaysia offers free counselling on Saturdays subject to availability. For more information on diabetes and their sessions, visit their website at

The National Diabetes Institute of Malaysia also lends a supportive hand and provides a number of resources and support groups for diabetes. Find out more at

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