4 Lazy Girl Hairstyles

Tired of the same old ponytails and messy buns, but too lazy for anything else? Fret not! Here are 5 hairstyles so easy, even the laziest can get them done in a jiffy!

1. The Tuck and Cover Half

Similar to the famed tuck and cover, this much simpler method uses only a fraction of your hair to create a headband or hairband hair crown! Just gather some hair from either side and begin wrapping it around the back of your headband until you reach the halfway point. Do the same with the other side and you’re done!

2. Quick Milkmaid Braid

Split your hair equally on both sides and begin braiding normally before securing with a rubber band. Pull one braid over your head to the opposite side and secure with a pin. Repeat with the other braid. Tuck in excess hair (e.g. the ends of your braids) under each braid and secure it with pins.


3. The Easy Chignon

Gather a fraction of hair from both sides of your head and begin twisting them towards the back of your head. Secure with a rubber band into a halfway ponytail. Pull the rest of your hair into the little gap between the base of your head and the ponytail. Roll all remaining hair the same way until a full chignon appears and pin securely.

4. The Bow Bun

Pull your hair into a messy bun on top of your head (just tie, no twisting). Separate the bun into two equal halves and pull the loose section of your hair from the back over to the front, and then back under the bun. Secure with pins and there you go! A giant bow on your head.

There you go, 5 super easy hairstyles that look like you put in a lot of effort. If you try any of these, show us a picture by tagging us on Instagram @guardianmalaysia.