5 Winter Holiday Essentials

Winter holidays are fun. That is, until you end up under packing and you’re left shivering in the cold. While warm clothing and coats are important, we know what a pain it is trying to pack everything you think you might need into a suitcase much smaller than your wardrobe. So here are 5 winter essentials that you might sometimes overlook but are vital in anyone’s surviving winter guide.


1. Moisturisers

As winters get chillier, humidity levels start to drop. This cold dry weather can wreak havoc on your skin, lips and even hair. Invest in extra rich moisturizers and apply frequently to keep yourself comfortable. Cracked lips and broken skin can be a pain to deal with, even more so when it’s too late and you try to rescue the situation. It’s a lot harder to fix and repair the damage dry cold air can do, so it’s best to prevent it instead!

2. Sun Protection

Just because the air is chilly doesn’t mean the sun’s rays are no longer harmful. In fact, the opposite rings true. We tend to forget and neglect the effects of the sun or notice how harsh it actually is when we can no longer feel the heat.

Admit it, when the weather gets cold, you move towards the sunlight like a moth to a light. Due to this reason, proper sun protection is absolutely necessary so incidents like sun burns can be avoided.


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Additionally, if you’re headed somewhere snowy, remember to bring an extra pair of sunglasses. The white snow reflects UV light at a much higher intensity, which can sometimes cause a very painful and dangerous eye condition called snow blindness.

3. Thermal Wear

If it’s your first time heading to a winter wonderland, never, ever underestimate the cold. Always pack at least a set of thermal wear sometimes known as base layers or long johns. Even when the day time temperature seems bearable, temperatures can fall all of a sudden with almost no warning. It’s also significantly colder at night, when the sun is no longer there to help heat things up.

Thermal wear can even be worn repeatedly over several days, as you’re unlikely to produce too much sweat in the cold. So having a set for each day isn’t really necessary as quality ones can be extremely pricey. Remember, these layers need to be tight in order to keep you insulated, so try not to get a size too big and opt for one that fits just right.

4. Warm Accessories

The colder the climate, the more accessories you’re going to likely need. Invest in a good pair of gloves, and bring along an ear muff, a beanie and a couple of scarves. You’ll be surprised at what a difference these little piece of clothes can make.

Extra Tip: Carry around some heat packs that are usually adhesive to your clothes. They’re relatively cheap and can last for hours, providing relief in particularly cold weather.

5. Practical Shoes

Probably the heaviest items you need to pack, a good pair of shoes such as boots suited for winter are an absolute must. If you know there’s going to be snow, make sure you get a pair that are waterproof and have a good grip in case you come across icy roads. And while we know you want to look good, pick one that’s also comfy as you won’t be able to switch to slippers if your feet eventually start to hurt.

Extra Tip: If you’re bringing more than a pair of winter shoes, wear the heavier larger one onto the plane so it doesn’t take up extra weight and baggage space.

There you have it, the bare basic that you need to pack for your winter wonderland escapade. Enjoy!