Choonee Handbag Beauties


Don’t weigh yourself down with overcrowded handbags that weigh a ton. You’ll only end up exhausting yourself before the day is even over, especially when it’s a handbag you’re going to be carrying all day long.

So, trust us when we say, no amount of makeup is going to hide that unsightly shoulder hunch and tired, loopy walk of yours. In fact, your bags probably don’t appreciate looking like a loaded potato that’s been stuffed to the brim either! And, how do you even find anything when everything you really need is likely to fall under all that stash.

Yes, yes, we’ve heard it all. But I need this and I need that!

Well, instead of removing everything, you’ll just need to learn to downsize that’s all! Try sourcing for smaller beauty items that fit discretely in your bag, and make sure they’re actually items you likely need on a daily basis! No point carrying something around if you’re only going to use it once or twice a week.

Out of all types of beauty products, here are some essentials that we highly recommend!

Choonee Water Lip Tint Balm


Have a Choonee Water Lip Tint Balm at hand, and you’ll never have to worry about pale or ugly, dry chapped lips ever again! These 3-in-1 lip balms, lipsticks, and lip tints fits perfectly in the tiniest of pockets, making it a perfect lip hero for even the smallest of hand bags.

Instantly moisturizing with a velvety, dewy texture, the Choonee Water Lip Tint Balms come in 3 fun filled colours that remain vivid and beautiful for long periods of time. Choose from Cute & Vivid Cherry, Lovely Peace, or Romantic Orange Grapefruit for a burst of fruity colours and scents that melt effortlessly on your lips.

The best part is, you won’t have to worry about over applying, as its smooth texture prevents stickiness and caking even with multiple reapplications. In fact, experiment with multiple swatches, and you’ll be amazed at the number of different looks you can get! It’s just like having a choice of multiple tints and balms in your bag.

Choonee Hand Creams

Choonee2And who could possibly forget the importance of soft, delicate hands? Exposed to the harsh environment all day, and made to deal with all those daily chores, your hands need a little pampering too you know.


But don’t lug a full bottle of hand lotion everywhere. Instead, slip a delightful little tube of Choonee Hand Creams into your bag, and whip them out when and as you need! With soft scents like Romantic Rose, Snow Cotton, Cherry Blossoms, or Fresh Chamomile that gently hugs your skin, these creamy moisturizing creams go deep into your skin with fast moisture-absorbing abilities. Made with premium oils, shea butter and the ever famed hyaluronic acid, your hands will finally get the attention and nutrition it truly needs.

Now, transform yourself from countryside drab, to city fab in no time, without all that heavy cluttered mess in a bag!