Healthy Skin, Healthy Life – Dettol Gold

It’s pretty scary these days how we’re always hearing about new illnesses and possible new strain of germs. Germs seem to be everywhere!


But did you know, your skin is actually a great line of defence against them? As the largest human organ, the human skin acts as a first line of defence and a protective layer on our bodies, effectively shielding our fragile insides against infections and unwanted bacteria. It also helps our bodies recognise foreign agents that could be harmful by triggering our body’s natural defence systems.

If that wasn’t amazing enough, the human skin also helps our bodies regulate temperatures and even warns us of possible dangers based on touch and feel! Just imagine if you could no longer feel through your skin, you would never know if a stove is too hot or if a piece of broken glass could actually be harmful.

In fact, the personal hygiene of your skin plays a critical role in preventing the spread of diseases and infections from one to another. Without proper personal hygiene, our skin’s barrier function becomes compromised, putting us at risk and making us more susceptible to illnesses.

Dettol Gold Shower Gel

First launched as an antiseptic liquid in hospitals over 80 years ago, Dettol has been a trusted brand by doctors. Since then, they have become a world leader in germ protection and as a safeguard to the health of families all over the world, making them a pioneer in the field of personal hygiene.

After decades of consistently dependable products, Dettol is back with an innovative new line of shower gels that will make bath time for your family a fun, foamy, safe, and healthy one!

Introducing, the new Dettol Gold™ Anti-Bacterial Body Wash! Representing Dettol’s gold standard in superior germ protection, this refreshing and sparkly shower gel is made with a new formula that offers 100% better protection from germs all around!


It also comes in two invigorating Lemon Grass based scents and colours that will leave you feeling clean and fresh right after. So which is your favourite pick, Dettol Shower Gel Daily Clean or the Dettol Shower Gel Classic Clean?

Either way, we’re sure you’ll love them both! They’re your family’s best friend in keeping clean and staying healthy! After all, Dettol is the world’s number 1 brand in Germ Protection!

Source: Dettol Malaysia