Post Festive Money Saving Tips


We all love shopping online for its convenience and the variety it brings us but what many of us aren’t fully aware of is the fact that it can also be a really handy means of cutting costs when we shop. Whether it’s free shipping or online store promotions, there are plenty of opportunities for us to save money via online shopping. Here are some of our favourite online saving tips.

Subscribe to Newsletters

Instead of writing them off as spam, give newsletters a second chance as they are usually loaded with useful information on new product launches, promotions, discounts, insider tips and exclusive insights that are only available to members or subscribers. Sign up for the Guardian newsletter by scrolling down to the bottom of the page, click on “Subscribe to Our Newsletter”.  Simply type in your email address and hit ‘subscribe’ to get regular updates on upcoming promotions sent directly to your inbox.

Use Online Coupons

From ‘buy one free one’ offers to percents-off deals, coupons can make a world of difference to your spending habits. Guardian regularly updates it website and social media pages with announcements on up-to-date coupon and voucher codes for shoppers to utilize whilst shopping online. Additionally, discount voucher sites like Saleduck make these codes even more accessible by compiling them onto a singular platform. To use these codes with Guardian, click on the offer you want to redeem and you will be redirected to a separate window displaying the code. Copy and paste it in the coupon box and click ‘apply’ upon checkout. Just make sure that you’re signed up as a member on Guardian’s online store and logged in to your account prior to redemption.

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Look Out for Free Shipping

All savvy online shoppers will be the first to tell you that free shipping is the magic word to look out for when shopping online. The best part is: plenty of websites offer this perk when you spend above a certain amount. Guardian is no exception. Customers who reside in Peninsular Malaysia are entitled to free delivery when they spend above RM150 on the brand’s online platform so the next time you’re poised to go on your next skincare haul, you’ll know exactly what to do.

Get on Board Social Media

“Like’ and follow the social media pages of your favourite retailers. From product reviews to promo announcements, social media is a fantastic platform to educate yourself and stay in the loop when it comes to discounts and offers. Guardian’s Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages constantly contain announcements on contests, giveaways, weekly product promotions and e-voucher codes to all your favourite products. Our only word of advice is that when you spot these deals, jump on it quick as it won’t be around forever!

Pay Attention to Seasonal Tie-Ins

Most retailers offer special online promotions that coincide with important dates and events such as Christmas, New Year’s and so on. For example, Guardian is currently offering promotions in lieu with Ramadan (3 for 2 savings) and the upcoming Father’s Day celebrations (10% off select brands). This is a fantastic time for customers to take advantage of additional savings opportunities so if you’re planning to get something close to these dates, wait a week or two and you might just get a better deal online when celebration season kicks in.

Bookmark a Website’s Sale or Outlet Page

Similar to a physical store’s bargain or discounts section, these pages are reserved for items that are going on sale and customers can usually score some great bargains on products that they would typically pay full price for. Guardian’s Exclusive page has a plethora of goodies that customers can shop. From online-only specials, savings bundles to discounts up to 50% off, customers can take their pick of cosmetics, skincare, health supplements and so on.