The Importance of Safeguarding Your Joints

A joint is the point at where two or more bones are connected, such as your fingers, wrists, elbows, and knees. These joints are made up of various parts that work together in order to help protect and provide support to the distinct movements of your body so you can stay active.


Although most of our joints are designed to only allow a certain degree of motion angles, without them, we would not be able to move freely at all. These small but important movements allow us to bend, stretch, twist, and turn. Without healthy joints, we would be unable to function comfortably in our daily lives as even simple actions like sitting down, walking or even picking something up becomes impossible. You would in essence, be considered partially or fully paralysed.

As we age, the health of our joints often gets compromised; causing mild to intense pain that will interfere with our ability to move. This can resort from a number of reasons such as damage from diseases, injuries or just ordinary wear-and-tear. While most causes of joint damage are hard to control, sprains and strains usually caused my intense movements, daily pressures, and heavy exercise can usually be avoided.


One of the most common joint injuries is actually wrist injury. This is because we use our wrists every single day. We use it when we’re typing, playing music, and picking up things. This constant exposure and usage easily overburdens the level of load a person’s wrist can actually take, thus causing unwanted injury.

To help safeguard your joints or even facilitate the recovery of them, the use of flexible prophylactic gears made specifically for joint protection can do wonders. They help protect and support your joints without inhibiting your mobility, allowing you complete freedom to go about your daily chores or exercises without difficulty. Using a wrist support like Guardian’s Sports Wrist Support can help stabilise the wrist during heavier usage. It also allows the damage tissues to recover by limiting the possibility of overextensions.Joints3On top of that, most flexible prophylactic gears like Guardian’s Elastic Elbow Support and Guardian’s Elastic Ankle Support not only helps your joints avoid hyperextension and misalignments, they also provide a compression element that increases blood flow and reduces pain. This increase in blood flow allows better recovery and helps limit pain or unwanted swelling.


While you may not be feeling any pain in your joints now, it’s always good to remember that prevention is always better than cure! So grab some support for your joints to safeguard them today.


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