DASHING X Manchester City in the UK

Calling all Manchester City FANS! Boy, don’t we have a treat for you! Here is your chance to win a trip to England and train at the home of Manchester City Football Club (MCFC)!


Now that we’ve gotten your attention, here are the details. Sports fragrance Dashing has launched a nationwide program to send 11 lucky ones to United Kingdom and meet the 1st Team players of Manchester City Football Club (MCFC), attend a 3-day football camp at MCFC and receive VIP Match tickets. What’s more, flight & accommodation will be taken care of too! Pretty cool eh?

With only 11 spots available, chances are really slim. However, one of the winning spots is reserved for a Guardian customer! There you go, we’ve just increased your chances to win. :)

So, here is what you need to do. Head to Guardian, purchase any DASHING or ELITE product then fill up the form and answer the simple question here: https://www.myguardian.com.my/dashing/

Have a dashing week ahead!