My Tsubaki, My New Love



Good hair starts from using the right hair care products. Give your hair the pampering it needs with the all-new and improved formulation of Tsubaki that will bring out the most beautiful hair in each and every person!

Research has found the importance of having healthy scalp, thus the new Tsubaki is designed to care for your scalp and promote beautiful hair growth. It integrates a new ingredient, Tsubaki Koji (camellia mold) that visibly boosts the health and appearance of hair. Indulge with the new Tsubaki and have your scalp and hair getting moisturized and nourished.

Comes in three different ranges, namely Tsubaki Extra Moist – for long lasting moisture in strands, Tsubaki Volume Touch – for a voluminous and airy finish and Tsubaki Damage Care – for dry and chemically damaged hair, the new Tsubaki is sure to satisfy all your hair care needs!