KITTIE YIYI: My Fair Skin Guardian – LIPHOP Sunblock

Have u ever be so scare of the sun but still want to go to the beach? outdoor activities? drive? Even eat at the roadside? haha I’m scare. especially the heat!


Although I’m born tan but I still can’t stand the sun and heat. Most importantly, it harms our skin! To protect ourself from the UV. A good sunblock is needed!!!!

I don’t care how tan i will be but definitely not those spots grow on my skin. So!!! Applying sunblock wherever you go is a must! Die or apply your sunblock! Choose one! LOL


The moment you thought you have applied tons of sunblock on your skin but you didnt know whether it helps! Quantity doesn’t mean quality˜!



Thanks to fairy god mother, I got these LIPHOP sunblock collection! It’s from the beauty country, KOREA! Range from daily to outdoor sunblock! I feel my life full of hope now hahaha


This is my favorite one!

Lip Hop Super Defence EX Sun Protection Milk SPF115 PA+++


This is definitely for KIA SI me. high SPF high protection, because I’m a outdoor person haha

Water sports or hardcore outdoor activities lover should get this! The formula is lightweight and it doesn’t feel dry on the skin! The cute neon polka dot packaging is also one of the reason I love it much! <3


From left to right. All you should not missed!

1) Lip Hop Ultra Whitening Sun Protection Lotion SPF80 PA+++

When our complexion looks less bright due to sun exposure, your world is doom! Can you imagine how ugly your skin can be ? I think you know lol This awesome thing is formulated with Melavoid Whitening Factor! It is non greasy sun protection lotion, It helps to brighten your skin and reduce the  dark spots around your skin! Worst to invest for your skin!!!

2) Lip Hop Moisturising Weightless Sun Protection Spray SPF50 PA+++

For the often lazy me!! Sometime when you are rushing and you forget your sunblock, spray this!!! Save your damn time! It can merge your steps with your primer together too! Light powdery texture to absorb any sebum sitting on your skin surface. It also works as a makeup base to mattify your skin!! Most importantly, it is portable! So easy to use!

3)Lip Hop Kids Hypoallergenic Sun Protection Lotion SPF50 PA+++

How considerate is LIP HOP! They even have sunblock for kids! It is slightly more watery than the rest of the sunblock. It contains hypoallergenic formula to not only sooth skin after sun exposure but also provide gentle comfort! It’s definitely easy to apply on your child/kids skin.


Ok, with all the trusted LipHop sunblock, now you can ask the sun to shoot right on to your face.


Ah girl ah boy… rmb to wear sunblock when u go out a…

your skin need protectioN!

(sunblock spray! easy to use outdoor!)

KITTIE YIYI: My Fair Skin Guardian - LIPHOP Sunblock
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