Mentholatum Botanics Face Wash Review


After my extensive travels to Europe, my skin started to acclimate to the dry weather and wasn’t as oily anymore. When I came back to Kuala Lumpur, it started to get oily again on the T-Zone. I needed some cleanser that’s gentle, yet still cleanse my skin thoroughly. Based on word of mouth, I was introduced to Mentolatum Botanics’ newly launched face care series. Botanics uses the highest quality natural herbal essences from flowers and herbs. As the prices are affordable, I picked all 3 cleansers to give it a try. Here are my thoughts about them:

Botanics Duo 1This handy face wash tube contains Jasmine and Calendula. It cleansed my skin and kept it hydrated at the same time. It’s suitable for one that has slightly dry skin, towards combination. This cleanser has minimal foam, which took me some time to get used to, as I’m very used to a cleanser with foam. No doubt, it is very suitable for me at this time, as my skin needed to be moist and clean more than anything. The Aloe Extract in this cleanser helped kept the surface of my skin moist as well. (available online here)


Botanics Duo 2In comparison to the Hydrating Face Wash, this one has more foam and it gave me a squeaky clean feeling after wash. The Orange Flower gave an uplifting scent while the Rosemary and Witch Hazel help to minimize pores, control oil and prevent acne. It sure cleansed my skin well and it felt good after. One thing I should stress on is to use a good hydrating moisturizer after cleansing to prevent your skin from being dry. (available online here)

Botanics Duo 3Among the three, this is my favorite. This cleanser does its job perfectly. With just 2 pumps, it leaves my face very clean, refreshed and without that tight, dry feeling most oil control cleansers do. I love lemongrass, which this cleanser has. The scent is simply refreshing and it calms my sense while Ylang Ylang and Tea Tree extracts prevent new blemishes from appearing. (available online here)

BotanicsAll of the above cleansers are available in Guardian Pharmacies, as well as on their website.  Have you tried Botanics? If you have, please share your experience with me by commenting below.

*Pictures taken for Mentholatum Botanics as sponsorship. Reviews and opinions are my own.

Mentholatum Botanics Face Wash Review
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